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Local Aboriginal group, the Ugarapul, have named all of the peaks within Moogerah Peaks National Park.

  • Mount Greville is ‘Moogerah’ meaning thunder
  • Mount Edwards is known as ‘Wummun’
  • Mount Moon takes its name from ‘Moorm’, which means ‘old walkabout mountain’. It is said that when the local Aboriginal groups were searching for food along creeks west of Minto Crags (‘Whimpullin’) ‘old walkabout mountain’ appeared to move along with them.
  • Mount French peaks are known as ‘Punchagin’ the southern peak and ‘Mee-bor-rum’ the northern peak.

The peaks of Moogerah are key landmarks for the Ugarapul, each hold links to the creation of their landscape; many hold important cultural stories. When the yellow butterflies appeared, the Ugarapul knew that the bunya nuts were ready to fall from the trees, and when the yellow flowers bloomed, it was a sign that ‘nairrar’ (beared dragon) was full of eggs and the witchetty grubs were ready to eat.

Lake Moogerah

The Moogerah Dam is a mass concrete double curvature arch dam with an ungated spillway across the Reynolds Creek. The main purposes of the dam are for irrigation of the Reynolds Creek and for the supply of potable water to Warrill Creek and farmers in the Warrill Valley.

Lake Moogerah is a great spot for boating, fishing, swimming and many other water activities. The surrounding national park brims with native wildlife and provides popular bush walks that offer spectacular views.

For more information about the local area, please visit Scenic Rim Tourism.