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40 Years in the Making…

“A milestone in the development of the College is being reached this year with the establishment of our own Camp, or what may be more euphemistically called an environmental field study centre, at Lake Moogerah. The idea was conceived in 1974 and has become a reality this year…An innovations Grant from the Australian Government of $4,750 enabled us to proceed with this venture…” St Laurence’s College Diamond Jubilee Magazine 1975

 ” Extension of the facilities at Lake Moogerah was made in 1977. The partial completion of the main building, the building of the boat shed, the purchase of a number of canoes and the subsequent extension of the sleeping accommodation have made the camp a much more satisfactory complex. Both the boys and staff who have made use of it this year have been more than enthusiastic and I am confident that it subsequent years, it’s continuing use and development will make it a very worthwhile adjunct to the operation of the College.”  St Laurence’s College Annual Magazine 1977