Camp Laurence offers an exciting range of fun outdoor based activities for primary school students through to secondary school students.

Camp Laurence operates within the Australian Adventure Activity Standards (AAAS) ratio of participants to instructors for all of our adventure based activities which is currently 15 to 18 participants with 1 Camp Laurence Instructor and 1 Teacher from your school.

Our Instructors follow a ‘challenge by choice’ philosophy, whereby they will encourage participants to push their own personal boundaries, be a positive contributor to the group and walk away from camp having learnt something about themselves.

Fishing in Electric Powered Boats

Students will target Australian bass, golden perch and silver perch in the dam. Sports Tuition has eight 3.8m Bluefin Varmint’s aluminium boats which are powered by Minn Kota 55lb electric motors. No licence is required to drive the boats. The students enjoy the independence of driving their own boat, with catch and release tactics employed.

Tube Rides

Tubing is conducted from Sports Tuition’s 5.6m Bluefin Barracuda, which is powered by a Suzuki 140hp outboard motor and Minn Kota 80lb Ulterra electric motor. The electric motor is used in the shallow water and tree-lined area of the dam. The tubing doesn’t commence until the boat has cleared the tree area of the dam. The objective of the tube ride is to provide the most fun ride, without flipping the students off.

Giant Swing

The Giant Swing is Camp Laurence’s latest addition to the site and it’s a teamwork exercise. The student on the swing is secured into a full body harness, holding a trigger rope which can be released at any point in time. The other students in the group form a donkey belay to hoist the flyer high into the air. Once the student reaches the top of the element or to a level that they are comfortable with, they simply let go of the trigger rope and are flung into a giant pendulum swing.


Located 2km from Camp Laurence on neighbouring property over-looking the stunning Lake Moogerah and surrounding mountains, our natural face abseil cliff is sure to get hearts pumping.  Students will be given a safety brief of the equipment and techniques involved such as knot tying, belaying and abseiling. Following this, participants have the opportunity to abseil down the cliff under the guidance of our Instructors.  This session can be included in an overnight campout or 4 hour session.

Archery Game-Play

Students use foam-tipped arrows, wear face shields and take on team mates in a series of games, which include, shooting out the opposition’s target circles and shooting at each other in last person standing. It’s a lot of fun.


Canoes are used as part of the expedition programs. Students will paddle to their camping location or use them to reach a destination point of a hike. Students will carry backpacks, which must be waterproofed with their garbage bags.

Damper Making

Perfect for Primary aged students, Damper Making is a fun, informative and sometimes messy activity that results in everyone enjoying warm damper filled with golden syrup!

Students will learn the history of damper and where it originated from, how to build a fire and the three elements of fire; heat, fuel, oxygen. 

High Ropes Crate Stack

Crate stack is an exciting activity in which the group must work together to build a tower of crates as tall as possible while a student climbs to the top. Using the “donkey belay” the group must control the rope to keep the climber safe. 

The activity involves all the students working together as climber, belayer or tower builder.

Giant's Ladder

This is another high rope element. Students will tackle the challenge by working with a partner to scale all the ladder rungs and get to the top.

Gorge Walk

Located approximately 2km from Camp Laurence, the ‘gorge’ is a spectacular creek lined rocky embankment. This session gives students the opportunity to explore the natural beauty of the creek, rock hop along the embankment and take in the views of Lake Moogerah. Students will be given a safety brief by our Instructor with an emphasis on the boundaries that can be explored. 

Low Ropes

Camp Laurence has two Low Ropes courses located onsite. The Mohawk Walk is a series of high-strength cables strung between trees or poles where the wire length gets longer and longer. The aim is for the group to traverse the series of expanding cable spans without falling off while using each other for support.  Our other Low Ropes course is comprised of 7 elements of varying difficulty where teams of three (1 participant and 2 spotters) support each other to complete the course without touching the ground. This activity promotes trust, teamwork, patience, planning and support.

Raft Building

Students work in small groups to design and construct a raft that they can all sit on and paddle. Equipment supplied is 4 x 200L barrels, 6 logs, 8 x 5m pieces of rope and paddles. It’s a great team building activity.


We have three different orienteering courses here at Camp Laurence catering for all different age groups, abilities and desired challenge level. Our offsite course (designed for secondary students) is a 6.5km hike with 14 checkpoints along the way to find. Students are given a compass and safety briefing, then divided into groups of 5, issued with a radio and first aid kit then sent on their way to complete the course. Our second course still involves using compasses and bearings to find the checkpoints, however students stay onsite at Camp Laurence. Our final course involves the use of a map only to find the onsite checkpoints. Students learn to orientate themselves and the map by using features such as the lake and buildings as points of reference. 

Overnight Camping & Expeditions

Students will be issued with a backpack, sleeping mat, tent (shared between 3), cooking equipment and food. After being taught how to waterproof their sleeping bag and a lesson in navigation (the use of maps and compasses), students will leave the campsite by canoe, hike or mountain bike towards their campsite. Upon arrival, they will set up camp and have the responsibility of cooking their dinner that night followed by breakfast the next morning.

Problem Solving

Our problem solving activity involves students working together to solve a problem they have been presented. This core focus of this team building challenge is on planning, problem solving and creative thinking rather than on physical ability. They are a great way to challenge groups, begin or enhance the team building process, or simply have fun!

Stand Up Paddleboarding

Sports Tuition has 24 x 10’6” SUPs that are very stable. The Epoxy resin boards are so stable in fact, that students can work together in pairs, if desired. The boards are lightweight and provide a great deal of buoyancy which is great for beginner paddle boarders.